Tree Top Essentials is back! We have returned with an all-purpose formula. Let us know what you think!

Targeted Essential Oil Therapy

Safe. Natural. Effective.

We are proud to announce our new product! All of our essential oil formulas combined into one all-purpose cream with full spectrum hemp!

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About Us

In early 2018 a local physician approached our compounding pharmacy wanting to discuss the many benefits of essential oils.  As compounding pharmacists, one of our skills is to create high quality creams that rub in well and work quickly.  So, combining the doctor's expertise and our compounding knowledge we created Tree Top Essentials. 

Our product, Essential Blend All-Purpose, is a soothing combination of natural essential oils and full spectrum hemp extract.  Some of our customers had a hard time trying to determine which of our original products was best for them so we made it easier by combining them all.

Essential oils have been used for millennia so we are not reinventing the wheel.  We like to think that we are helping it roll more efficiently.  By combining a specific combination of oils into a topical cream we have created a product that requires no measuring of oils.  All you have to do is rub it on.

These products are for topical use only. They are not FDA approved are not intended for the treatment or cure of any disease. Some individuals may be sensitive to essential oils and could develop a rash.